Friday, 20 March 2009

Glamis Castle

This is the first in a series of pics of Glamis Castle. It lies about five miles to the east of Forfar. I took a drive out there last Sunday, I wasn't sure if it would be open so I was pretty chuffed when I got there to find that it was the opening day of the season. The castle is the home of the Earl of Strathmore and is probably most famous for being the birthplace of the Queen Mother. Now don't get me wrong, I'm no Royalist by any manner of means. I just happen to like castles. What goes on in and around them I despise, but I won't let a little thing like that get in the way of a decent photo opportunity! Over the next wee while I'll post more pics and try to give a little bit of background to the castle and its environs.

The bottom photo shows the 'drive'....... perhaps a tiny bit grander than the drives us mere mortals are used to. I reckon it must be over half a mile long. Put it this way, I don't fancy having to walk down it every morning to pick up the milk and papers.
If you click and enlarge you can just see the castle at the end of the drive. The top picture shows what you arrive at after the stroll down the drive. God knows why they put that stupid bloody marquee there...... ruins a good pic.
It costs £8.50 to get in, even to view the outside, but I didn't pay because I'm a local! I just cheekily parked my car at the front door and wandered round clicking merrily. I figure that £8.50 is better in my pocket than the Earls........ he'd only drink it anyway.

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